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Morrison, M.Ed


[B&W Image: a black and white portrait of Morrison, with a soft smile and a short spiky quiff hairstyle, sitting on a barstool with their right arm resting on their thigh as their chin rests on their left hand. They have on a pair of glasses, black button-up shirt with a black blazer, and black pants, along with a small spiraled pendant type of necklace and small hoop earrings.]

Morrison, M.Ed, is a proven perspective and strategic consultant in various capacities ranging from education, curriculum and assessment development, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), website accessibility, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). They come with 21 plus years of experiences in this capacity, both professionally and personally as they identity as a person with disabilities. 


Morrison’s practice on education, accessibility, and community engagements is centered on disability justice and social justice as lens in the area of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) as framework. They perform work around anti-ableism, conquering accessibility issues, utilize disability lens (deafblind focused) on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and strives to reclaim and reframe the term disability. 

Morrison has been educating various stakeholders and the community about the fact that diversity is part of the whole diversity’s equation and inclusion cannot exist without equity for people with disabilities. For equity to happen, accommodations for our community need to be juxtapositional as part of the DEI work. 


With Morrison’s exquisite history in this field, they have come to work with DEAFinitely with an aim to advocate for equitable access. 

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