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DEAFinitely reaches a broad network of partners

in Boston including schools K-12, colleges, museums,

and organizations/events centered on disability,

social justice, the arts and the Deaf community.


Some of the venues where DEAFinitely performs and collaborates to boost communication equity include:

  • Boston Museum of Fine Arts

  • Strand Theater in Boston

  • Boston Children’s Museum

  • Boston and Newton Public Schools

  • EDCO Program for the Deaf

  • Horace Mann School for the Deaf

  • Boston University 

  • Harvard University’s Hip-HopEX Lab

  • Families Organizing for Racial Justice

  • YMCA in Boston & Newton

  • Art Relief

Deaf Youth Council Member introducing DEAFinitley Crew at Boston Museum of Fine Arts.jpg
DEAFinitely Crew performs outside for Newton ASL Family Celebration - Newton, MA.

DEAFinitely performances inspire audiences to learn ASL and expand awareness of communication access as part of inclusion. Audiences of all ages learn that although some may view deafness as a disability, the culturally Deaf views itself as a language minority that can do everything except hear. Many audiences of families and children are surprised to learn the benefits of being Deaf called Deaf Gain.



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