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DEAFinitely reaches a broad network of partners

in Boston including schools K-12, colleges, museums,

and organizations/events centered on disability,

social justice, the arts and the Deaf community.


Some of the venues where DEAFinitely performs and collaborates to boost communication equity include:

  • Boston Museum of Fine Arts

  • Strand Theater in Boston

  • Boston Children’s Museum

  • Boston and Newton Public Schools

  • EDCO Program for the Deaf

  • Horace Mann School for the Deaf

  • Boston University 

  • Harvard University’s Hip-HopEX Lab

  • Families Organizing for Racial Justice

  • YMCA in Boston & Newton

  • Art Relief

Deaf Youth Council Member introducing DEAFinitley Crew at Boston Museum of Fine Arts.jpg

DEAFinitely performances inspire audiences to learn ASL and expand awareness of communication access as part of inclusion. Audiences of all ages learn that although some may view deafness as a disability, the culturally Deaf views itself as a language minority that can do everything except hear. Many audiences of families and children are surprised to learn the benefits of being Deaf called Deaf Gain.