Get Involved

From cheering us on at a performance or signing up for an ASL class, to becoming a Deaf mentor for our youth council or collaborating on a Deaf awareness training,

there are many ways to get involved with DEAFinitely!


Maybe you know a young Deaf or hearing person in your community or school who loves to dance or is interested in learning ASL. Or maybe your child has never danced or signed before but is curious to learn. This is how many of our Deaf and hearing youth come to DEAFinitely! They end up learning more than dance and ASL; they learn how to interact with others who are different from them and about themselves.


Perhaps you are a business owner or work for an organization that is interested in hosting a Deaf awareness, including basic ASL training. Or you may be a Deaf adult who would like to mentor youth and share your expertise, talents and experiences.

There are numerous ways in which you may partner and collaborate with DEAFinitely!


You could always provide a donation which will go a long way to providing space for Deaf and hearing youth to grow, reach new heights and ultimately encourage them to dream of productive lives - those dreams that they deserve and are within their grasp. 

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