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Programs for Deaf and Hearing Youth



  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing youth ages 7-14 residing in MA are eligible for free weekly dance classes instructed in ASL (virtually & in person when possible)

  • Older Deaf youth ages 15-22 in MA are eligible for free monthly dance classes in ASL (in person & virtual)

  • Hearing youth ages 7-14 from Greater Boston and surrounding towns may register for fee-based ASL classes and dance workshops 

    • Youth may try out a combination dance-ASL session prior to joining the DEAFinitely Performance Crew

  • Contact us to find out about the next ASL/dance session 

Kids of all ages taking a DEAFinitley dance class.


DEAFinitley Crew Performance at Boston Children's Museum in mid-sign language.
  • Deaf and hearing crew members between the ages of 7-14 years old come together to communicate in ASL and work together as a team in a Deaf culture environment, expressing positive messages through dance and ASL

  • Deaf youth are empowered to support hearing crew teammates as they continue to learn ASL and find other visual ways of communicating

  • Connections forged in the Deaf and hearing crew transcend through the performing arts and mobilize diverse communities of all ages and backgrounds to   bridge cultures, languages and differences   

  • Hearing youth are encouraged to try out a dance/ASL combination class/session before joining Performance Crew, which involves up to 10 performances throughout the year (virtual videos & in person)


  • Older Deaf youth ages 15-22 come together on a monthly basis (currently virtually) during off school hours

  • Deaf adult mentors, guest Deaf mentors from across the country and youth mentors lead and facilitate discussions

  • Deaf to Deaf mentoring empowers youth to build leadership skills as they facilitate and explore world topics 

  • Humanities-based topics are explored such as identity, Deaf culture, intersectionality, Audism, Deaf gain and current world issues like Black Lives Matter and COVID

  • Provides one of the only social and emotional outlets led by and for Deaf youth to connect and reflect on diverse topics in their shared language of ASL 

  • Shares key concepts with younger Deaf youth through art, games and ASL storytelling

  • ASL-rich outlet that deepens connections and develops fundamental skills to interact in the world 

DEAFinitely Youth Council Member introducing The CREW.
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