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Chloe Tompkins

John Ying  is an Assistant Dance Coach with DEAFinitely, Inc., specifically in b-boying (aka breakdancing). John’s professional career is a software engineer, but he has studied B-boy and breakdancing since grade school. John is a Deaf Asian-American man. Though he was born Deaf, he grew up oral relying on hearing aids and residual hearing rather than sign language. He describes growing up as a child harboring a lot of anger due to a lack of communication access and credits 

the movement arts as one of the most influential aspects of his life. John shares that dance opened up his ability to express himself and he feels a sense of connectedness to others through the arts. John appreciates being able to share his love of breakdancing with other Deaf and hard of hearing youth and being a role model as they explore their identities, express themselves through dance, and navigate communicate access or lack thereof. 

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