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Andre Robinson

Andre "Dre" Robinson,   

also known as DJ Deaf Tunez, was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He was born with hearing loss; however, he can do anything except hearing. When Robinson was young always wanted to be a DJ. Growing up, he wasn’t sure he’d make it as a DJ because of his deafness and thought he didn’t know how Deaf people could be successful. That’s when he found DJ Hear No Evil and DJ Nico: both of whom have been successful as Deaf/Hard of hearing DJs and have inspired Robinson to make it happen. Many people were afraid of him because of his hearing loss, but his work and network speak louder than those who doubt the Deaf!


DJ Deaf Tunez is a Mobile DJ and comedy entertainment business that services weddings, bars, clubs, and other special events. He has been performing at festivities for over six years. For your future event, he brings his talent for music, energy, and sense of fun. With DJ Deaf Tunez, you can get a wide variety of musicals; staples such as hip hop, R&B, dance, Jazz Disco, and many more! He provides professional personalized service to many clients based on their events and preferences and can set the vibes and ambiance for any event. DJ Deaf Tunez has won a few DJ battles (First place for SoundClash and 3rd place for DJ War’s Battle Royale), and he strives to win more and make all your events a great time.

He is one of those guys that breaks barriers and has always fought to be successful as a black man. Not only is this guy a DJ, but he also has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University Massachusetts of Dartmouth and a Master of Social Work from Simmons University. Working with people is his passion! DJ Deaf Tunez wants to show the world that Deaf people can do anything.

DJ Deaf Tunez brings good music, vibes, and joy to people. He is always bringing the energy and ensuring each quest at any event enjoys themselves.

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