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Deaf Youth Council

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The foundation of DEAFinitely is its Deaf-led Youth Council (DYC).

It consists of Deaf youth ages 15-22 who come together on a monthly basis

(currently virtually) during off school hours.


The DYC provides one of the only social and emotional outlets led by and for Deaf youth

to connect and reflect on diverse world topics in their shared language of ASL.

Youth are empowered to build leadership skills as they facilitate discussions on topics

of interest. Topics include identity, intersectionality, Audism, Deaf gain and current

world happenings like Black Lives Matter and COVID.


The DYC also relays world concepts to younger Deaf youth through art, games and ASL storytelling. These concepts are emphasized through messages in DEAFinitely performances.

This Deaf-to-Deaf mentoring is vital to building equity and access in Boston. 

Become a Deaf Youth Mentor

Inviting Deaf Youth Ages 15 - 22

Mass Humanities Digital Capacity Grant

DEAFinitely, Inc. received a digital capacity grant from Mass Humanities to capture and produce a series of educational and thought-provoking films of Deaf and hard of hearing youth exploring issues facing their communities. The films will be shown to youth and adults in Boston and surrounding towns, followed by moderated discussions between Deaf and hearing youth to encourage deeper understanding.

This funding will support staff training to produce and edit professional and accessible videos from in-person and virtual footage.  If your school and/or organization serves youth ages 15-22 and you would like to view the film series and offer a follow-up discussion or Q&A, please contact Rhys McGovern, Director of Deaf Mentoring Program at 

ASL Translation Activities of the DYC

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